Love Bug Banners

Jul 12, 2021

Create a personalized “Love Bug” Banner to say it all! We’ve included each letter of the alphabet so that you can craft exactly the message you need!

Download the Love Bug Banner Here!



White construction paper

White glue


Twine or ribbon


1. Print out the banners on white construction paper, for the letters you need to create your personalized “Love Bugs” message.

2. Cut out the banners, using a straight edge and X-acto knife or scissors and fold the top flap of each flag along the dotted line.

3. Cut out a piece of twine, ribbon or strong string the length you need.

4. Fold the flag flaps over the twine and staple, glue or tape each side of the flaps together on the back side, to secure.

5. Use tape, or tie the string ends to a nail or peg or whatever is convenient, to secure the banners on each end. These banners look especially cute when decorated with our 3D Love Bugs!