Dia de Los Muertos Headband “Con Flores”

Oct 21, 2020

Make these festive ‘Con Flores’ headbands for mommy and daughter for under $5.


  1. Headband
  2. Brightly Colored Tissue Paper
  3. Double-sided Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Stapler


  1. Use plain headband – we found ours at SAS Fabrics for .25¢  Any will do but I like the ones that are about 3/4” at widest.
  2. Make 5-6 tissue paper flowers to attach. For each flower, cut 3 layers of tissue paper about 3″ x 6-7″. Any bright color or layer the colors. You do NOT need to be exact in your length or width, and the width determines the size of the flower. Don’t cut paper too long, they will be too hard to open up. Starting at the short end, accordion fold the entire length. Staple in the center. Trim each end into an arc/rounded shape. Trim no deeper than 1/2 the length up to the staple. Starting at one trimmed end, gently but firmly pull each of the outside layers outward from the center staple fold. It naturally opens into a “flower” as you pull each “petal” outward. You can find similar instructions, for much larger flowers at http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-crepe-paper-flowers/.
  3. Using double-sided tape, tape your flowers around the headband.
  4. Add leaves. We cut 3-4 leaf shapes at about 2″ tall from green tissue and bunched them together, stapled and also taped these into the headband, tucking ends in between flowers and filling in wherever we liked them best. We pulled the leaves a bit in opposite directions to make them the shapes we wanted.

And that is it – simple, easy and ridiculously cute!
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