Decorating the table with what’s in your Pantry

Nov 1, 2022

Your holiday table can look elegant with what you have available! We used our everyday white dishes, flatware and clear glasses and added some simple extras to make this table shine. Download the printable for placeholders, “What I’m Thankful For” printable, labels for leftovers, a light-filled garland and even holiday wreaths to add special touches.

You can even sew up your own napkins and matching table runner if you want! All instructions, templates and downloads are FREE.

For the center the table, we used dried beans, candles from the Dollar Stores, candle holders from our living room and extra serving dishes from our pantry. Try arranging small white pumpkins, fruit from your yard, nuts in their shells, pine cones, river rocks, dried popping corn, lentils or green peas in empty glass jars with candles set inside them. Sometimes we scavenge in the local Thrift Stores; you never know what you will find when it comes to a fun silver dish or wood platter to set candles on. We have been known to use empty cans, half filled with beans for our Dollar Store candles! Just dig around a bit and mix and match until everything feels right!