The Best Places to Fish Near Marble Falls

Sep 19, 2019

Surrounded by some of the most scenic lakes in Texas, Marble Falls is the perfect place to test the waters and do some fishing. First things first – if you’re over the age of 16, you’ll need a fishing license. Click here to find several convenient spots to get yours before starting to search for your own special “honey hole” (great fishing spot). Once you obtain the proper permit, here’s our picks from a plethora of perfect spots to cast your luck in Marble Falls near Gregg Ranch.


Lake Marble Falls

Located on the Colorado River in Burnet and Llano Counties, Lake Marble Falls has a maximum depth of 60 feet making it perfect for fishing from a boat. With the right bait and a little patience, you’ll find largemouth bass, catfish and sunfish. Just 10 minutes from downtown Marble Falls, Lake Marble Falls is narrow, and the shorelines are typically steep with rock bluffs or boulders. A few docks and boat houses surround the water’s edge. Cover in the form of aquatic vegetation, standing timber or laydowns is limited.

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Lake LBJ

Just upstream from Lake Marble Falls, and a short drive from town, Lake Lyndon B. Johnson has a maximum depth of 90 feet. Largemouth bass, white bass, crappie and catfish are all known to be caught in the lake. The shoreline surrounding Lake LBJ is highly developed, with miles of bulkhead and boat houses that provide cover. Several creeks wind back off the main lake, providing shallow vegetative cover like willow and spatterdock. The area near the dam is rocky and clear, while the upper end of the reservoir is sandier and more stained. Submerged brush piles are hidden beneath the surface and can provide excellent angling opportunities if located. Don’t expect these “honey holes” to be advertised, good electronic sonar equipment will be needed to find these structures.

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Lake Travis

Just downstream from Lake Marble Falls, Lake Travis is known for producing large numbers of bass. Lake Travis contains rocky banks, steep cliffs, and clear water typical of a highland reservoir. Some portions of the upper end of the lake more closely resemble a flatland-type impoundment. In the lower end of the reservoir, marinas, floating boat docks, rockpiles, ledges, and steep drop-offs provide cover for game fish. When the water is high, largemouth bass anglers should concentrate on the flooded terrestrial vegetation that lines the banks. Many large creeks enter the lake and hold game fish year-round.

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Inks Lake State Park

About 20 miles northwest of Marble Falls, Inks Lake is known for its beauty, but the fishing can be good as well. The lake offers both cover and structure and the shoreline contain numerous rock piles, ledges and rocky banks. Brush piles and gravel beds have been placed near fishing piers and other strategic locations to attract more fish. Several private boat docks, especially on the west side of the lake, hold fish year-round. You’ll find white bass, largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and sunfish.

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Lake Buchanan

About a 30-minute drive from Marble Falls, Lake Buchanan is 25 miles northwest and is the place to go if you’re looking to catch striped bass and white bass. Largemouth bass anglers have their best success on Lake Buchanan during the spring and fall months. Lake Buchanan offers a variety of cover and structure. The area near the dam and the east side of the lake up to the Silver Creek area is rocky. This area has numerous rock piles and ledges. The west side— from mid-lake up— looks more like a flatland reservoir with flat coves that have a lot of flooded brush to fish when the lake is up.

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Happy fishing, and good luck out there!


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