Three “Left Brain” Reasons Why the Austin Area is One of the Fastest Growing Areas in U.S.

Jun 3, 2020

For the past few years, the suburbs and surrounding areas of Austin/Marble Falls have been one of the fastest growing locations in the country – in fact, last year Austin grew by about 145 people per day. What is it that draws people from California, Oregon, Florida, New York, Colorado and other locations to move to Austin? For many it’s the desire for the uniquely Hill Country way of life— there are few places more welcoming, culturally rich, and even cooler than Texas Hill Country. Beyond the gorgeous scenery, outdoor activities, friendly people, incredible music and culinary scene, it turns out there are additional advantages that appeal to your “left brain” decision-making:

  1. Growing Economy: Along with young, tech-minded Californians looking for a more affordable cost of living, the area’s vibrant economy is attracting newcomers from other states and countries.* An attractive location for corporate headquarters and start-ups alike, business finds Texas attractive, and Austin in particular due to its lifestyle, educated workforce and climate.
  2. No State Income Tax: Workers of all ages see Austin and the Hill Country as attractive destination for the competitive job market with the added incentive of no state income tax. A Texas worker’s salary is only subject to federal income taxes, no state taxes, so that means more cash in pocket.
  3. Affordable, High Quality Homes in a Mild Climate: How about houses? If you want to live in a mild climate like Texas, California or Florida, it pays to compare. We did a quick comparison of mid-range priced homes in Texas, California and Florida and found another Texas advantage, much more home for your money.

    There are advantages of living in each area of the country, but with affordable homes, no income tax, and a growing economy, we anticipate the demand for homes in and around Austin will continue to increase the next few years.

Gregg Ranch is just 45 minutes from downtown Austin, in that friendly little town of Marble Falls. With new homes, parks, a community pool center, play area and so much more, this is your place to connect, thrive and grow. More information here:
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