Family activities to do at home

Mar 17, 2020

Battling boredom in kids can be exhausting but there are so many things you can do at home with the things already around you. It’s time to get creative and put these activities to the test. We’ve compiled a list of different ways you can keep your kids busy and entertained within a budget and at home.


Build an obstacle course
Get creative with the items around your house. Gather pillows, blankets, boxes and more to create obstacles for your kids to go over, under and around. Involve them in the planning and you’re sure to have hours of fun.


Pull out the paints that maybe haven’t been touched in a while. Try out watercolor painting for a more forgiving experience that will be fun for all. If you aren’t afraid of a little bit of a mess, try finger painting. Switch it up and save your indoor tables by sitting on the back patio to paint.


Create a movie
Use the technology that is available around you and create a movie with your kids. Give them a prompt for the story line and let them run with it. You will be amazed by their imagination.


Card Games/Board Games
Depending on the ages of your family members this one may take some creativity. Don’t be afraid to adjust the rules for the sake of every member in the party. Playing games can be a great learning opportunity.


Make a Time capsule
Have everyone decide on one item that they would like to put in the time capsule and then have them write a bit about their lives. Tuck it away for at least five years, you will be surprised by the memories you uncover.


Cook an exciting meal together
Make this meal different than the everyday. You could make homemade pizzas, make breakfast for dinner or spread it out to a few nights and let each family member choose their favorite meal.


Dance to music
Turn on some fun tunes and get everyone dancing. If you aren’t inclined to dancing follow along to Just Dance or Go Noodle videos on YouTube. This is an easy way to get everyone up and moving.


Wash the car
Get a household chore done all while keeping everyone entertained. Your kids will love soaping up the car and spraying it down and you can help them dry it. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Let the kids stay up a little bit longer to enjoy laying under the night sky. If it is too bright in your area download a stargazing app that allows you to point it at the night sky and learn the names of the different constellations.


Paper Airplane Races
Everybody loves a good paper airplane race. Have everyone take the time to build three different models and then have a contest to see who built the best one.


Read books
Reading out loud and with one another can be a great experience for all ages. The story can come to life, little ones have the opportunity to practice their reading skills and everyone gets to enjoy a new story.


Play Mad Libs
Find some fun Mad Libs online and take turns filling in the blanks. Then have one person read it aloud and get everyone laughing over the silly phrases you created.


Gather up all the markers, crayons and colored pencils because it is time to color. Print off fun coloring pages or start with a blank page. Either way, kids can spend hours doodling and drawing. Have a few prompts in mind to help their creative juices to start flowing.


Science Experiments
The simplest of science experiments can be the most exciting. An exciting and simple experiment is watching the reaction between vinegar and baking soda. Let the kids try it out in the backyard so you don’t have to worry about a mess.


Make cards for family and friends
Take the time to write create colorful cards and thoughtful notes for the people that are close to you in your life. Send them in the mail.


Backyard Bug Hunt
There is so much to see right in your backyard if you just take the time to look. Send your kids out to find the different types of bugs that live in your yard and then have them come inside and draw pictures of them.

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