Amplify Your At-Home Activities

Mar 17, 2020

It is really easy to get into the same monotonous routine of sitting and watching television after eating dinner. If you want to switch that up and engage in activities that keep you active at home, here is a list complete with resources to get you thinking about different ways you can be active and productive in the comfort of your own home.


Get your body moving

Yoga is a simple way to get your body moving even if you don’t have a lot of experience with it and thankfully, the internet is full of free resources that can guide as you are learning this new skill. Follow along with these videos.


Weight lifting
Weight lifting helps strengthen your muscles over time and can be done anywhere and with practically anything. Find tips here to guide you.


Zumba gets your body moving to music. It is fun and different every time, which helps with exercise boredom. Find Zumba videos here.


Jump rope
Jumping rope has been proven to improve your coordination and cardiovascular health. Increase your amount of time by 30 seconds every day.


Explore the neighborhood and community around you on the various walking trails. Each of these trails features scenic views of the beautiful land surrounding.


Take time for Self-Reflection

Journaling allows your mind to focus and process the events of every day. Try out bullet journaling, gratitude journaling and photo journaling.


Meditating engages the mind and body and can help you re-center. You can meditate at any time of the day and it’s made even easier with apps that feature guided meditation. Check out the Calm and Headspace apps.


Spark your creativity

Whether or not painting is your hobby of choice it is something everyone can do. Painting can include large projects like adding a fun colored wall to a room in your home or creating a small piece of personal art to hang on your wall.


Listen to music
There is an endless number of amazing tunes to listen to. Dig up some of your old favorites or discover new artists through Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.


Search through Pinterest or ask a friend for a new recipe and prepare it for dinner. Turn on some music while cooking and enjoy your delicious meal.


Coloring can easily be pegged as an activity for children but it can be an amazing creative release for adults as well. Take the time to sit down with coloring pages or a blank paper and just start doodling. You may surprise yourself with what you create.


Learn a new skill
Have you been putting off a skill that you would like to learn for a few years? Maybe you feel lost as where to start. Check out Skillshare where you can learn various types of skills at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


Engage your mind

Family history
Each family has a story or two. Take the time to discover your heritage and where you came from. This can be done by talking with living family members or take time to explore sites like Ancestry.


Read a book
Reading has been taken to a different level with technology. Experience the joy of listening to an audio book through online resources like Audible or keep it classic and order a physical copy through Amazon or another online retailer. Find your new favorite from this list.


Virtual museum tours
Take a look into some of the world’s top museums through virtual tours. Read about and view the pieces that are housed within the Guggenheim and Van Gogh museum and several others.


Explore various different topics through podcasts. You will definitely find one that fits your interests. Explore this list here.


Focus on Connection

Call family members and friends
Connect with family members and friends through a phone call, Facetime and other video call options. Spend time talking about their life and update them on yours.


Write Letters
A long-lost art but one that can be sustained by simply picking up a pen and paper. Pen a thoughtful note to someone you admire and drop it in the mail to brighten their day.


Get Organized

Deep clean
Scrub down every nook and cranny of your home by tackling it one day at a time. Go through items of drawers, closets and bookcases. Organize shelves and donate items to your local donation center. Dedicate one day to one area each week and eventually you will have made it through your whole home.


Rearrange a room set up
If you need to refresh the space you are living in an easy way is to rearrange your room set up.


Odds are that you have stacks of physical photos that never get looked at or simply need to be organized. Take time to put these photos into categories and determine the best way to store them. Find some tips here.